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Jean-Fran├žois SUYS was born in 1956 in Brussels and lives since 1996 in Switzerland. He studies economy at the University of Brussels but soon colours and canvas exert a powerful and strong appeal. Art feels a necessity and he follows the deep drive to paint, to immerse himself into pure creativity, making the most of the full range of colours, capturing the feeling, the very essence of light, transforming space in movement, revealing a world that seems to alternate between dream and reality. His work invites the viewer into the wondrous sceneries of Nature, the outburst of matter, the endless play of vibrations, the perfect brilliance of outer space.

His first exhibition date back to the eighties and his work has since been shown on numerous exhibitions in Belgium, France and Switzerland. His work has been awarded and is appreciated by collectors of many countries. member of Swissart and FAA. Against the current stream of provocative, aggressive, painful to comprehend art, he feels the necessity to form a radical secession from ugliness and anxiety and gives an impulse to the emergence of “empathism” in order to nourish our must essential needs: search for beauty, peace of mind and bonding. Secretive and freedom-loving he selects sparingly his public appearances.