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Jean-Fran├žois SUYS(b.1956) is a Belgian contemporary artist,born in Brussels.
SUYS has resisted attemps to label his style. Primarily, he subscribes to Kandinsky’s idea, that each colour has it’s own vibration, an individual character wich our consciousness must at first be awoken to. The form and texture of his works have an altogether otherwordly effect,at once elemental and universal.
Through his richly vibrant canvasses SUYS ambition is to give a voice to colours, to let them sing.
Member of Swissart and FAA.


EMPATHISM: I believe it’s time to start a U-turn movement,away from the current appreciation of works of art. After decades of searching for the most anxious provoking, the most aggressive, the most ugly and shocking objects, I believe we should give a brake to our mind, or, better still, starting to nourish it with expanding and positive insights. It’s time to realize that the emotions aroused by what we see are imprinted in our memory,are our memory, make what we are.
We learn from new scientific findings that we are emotionally bonded to our environement. We unconsciously experience everything we see,our thoughts mirror those of our society.In order to sooth our mind,to make a better future possible, we have to turn to beauty. Plato told us,a long time ago:”The search for beauty is the proper end of art.” Beauty is a means to a higher good. It’s necessary to relive beauty in our life.
The EMPATHIC RESPONSE: I wish to arouse with my paintings is one of expansion, beyond time, beyond space, into consciousness. I am totally open and receptive to the abundant flow of prosperity that the universe offers.
I have always felt an instinctual striving towards colors and sought insights into transforming my visual perception and emotions.

ART IN AMERICA june 2012 vol 100 issue 6 page 75.